Graduate Entry Exam

If you are a marketing graduate, you may be eligible to sit The Marketing Institute Graduate Entry Examination, which admits you to Full Membership of the Institute and supplements your academic qualification with recognised professional marketing accreditation. Successful candidates are invited to become Graduate Members of the Institute and to use the professional designation "MMII Grad." 

If you would like to be informed of the next date the exam will take place, please contact or +353 1 216 0158. 



To be eligible to sit the Graduate Entry Exam, you should already hold a degree or postgraduate qualification in marketing or in a business subject that contains a strong component of marketing. You may be required to provide a transcript of your examination results. View the Approved List of Qualifications that will automatically entitle you to sit this exam. If your Marketing Qualification is not included on the list of qualifications, please forward your transcripts by fax to Rose Ellen Kavanagh at +353 1 295 2453, or email to ensure your qualification meets the requirements for eligibility.


The fee for the graduate entry examination is €230. (Please note that this is a non-refundable fee).  Successful candidates become Graduate Members of The Marketing Institute of Ireland, and and pay no fee for membership for the first year, if taken up immediately. In the second year, membership costs half the normal fee. The normal application fee is waived.

Ordinarily, to become a Member of The Marketing Institute, you must have a third-level marketing qualification plus two years professional experience, OR five years of approved experience in marketing management. The standard membership fee is €230 p.a. and an initial application fee of €32.

Format of the Exam

The Graduate Case Study exam is a one-day, open-book examination based on a supplied case study. Candidates are given a case study on the morning of the exam and are given time to read and study it. In the final hour of study, candidates may continue to study on their own or they may collaborate and discuss the material with other exam candidates. In the afternoon, candidates are given the exam paper with questions regarding the case study, and are then required to answer the questions on their own in an examination environment.

Candidates must attain 40% to pass the examination.  Books and learning materials may be consulted at any period during the day and during the exam.


How to Apply

The 2013 exam will be held in Dublin and nationwide (depending on demand). Once you apply for the exam, we will forward you a confirmation letter, followed by your student member/exam identification number and exam centre details. To apply Complete the Membership Application Form Under Membership Type, select Join By Exam.

Submit your application form online or by contacting Rose directly at:

Postal Address:                                     Fax: 01 2952453                          Email: 
The Marketing Institute
South County Business Park
Dublin 18