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Tom Trainor and Mary Lambkin at the LaunchThe Consumer Market Monitor is a service provided by the Marketing Institute of Ireland in collaboration with the UCD Smurfit Graduate Business School.

It is designed to track key indicators of confidence and activity in the Irish consumer market as a resource for marketers and the wider business community.

It is based on a compilation of data from the Central Statistics Office (CSO), Central Bank, the European Commission, and other secondary sources. The added value rests in the fact that the information is brought together in a single location and presented in a way that is easy to interpret and use for market analysis and sales planning.

It starts by reviewing consumer confidence which has a key influence on the level of spending in the market. It then reviews consumer expectations with regard to future purchases of big ticket items including houses, cars and home improvements. This is followed by a review of actual spending, saving, and borrowing of various types. It then provides information on retail spending in total and for several major product categories.


View our Infographic and access the full report here.
Consumer Market Monitor Quarter Three 2013
View our Infographic and access the full report here.
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Download Consumer Market Monitor Quarter Four 2011


Download Consumer Market Monitor Quarter Two 2010
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  • Gerard on 2-Feb-10 3:37 AM permalink

    Excellent report, finally we can deal with some facts rather than anecdotal or personal opinions, Good quick read with enough statistical data to support the trends, congrats to all concerned

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